Undergraduate Student Mentorship

IMG_1860I started the Trinity College Weed Lab in the summer of 2013 when I arrived, and while there worked with numerous students on projects directly related to my own research on invasive plants, but also on assorted other cool projects. Check out the links below for more information on the great work students did with me at Trinity – and head to our lab website Trinitycology for more details on the Trinity Weed Lab.

Undergraduate Student Project & Theses Advisor

Students Mentored as Undergraduate Research Assistants: Jacob Ammon (’17), Lupita Barajas (’17), Sarah Black (’16), Cassandra Cronin (’17), Kate Furgueson (’15), Emily Hamilton (’17), Adam Hammershoy (’17), Tracy Keza (’17), Eunice Kimm (’14), Sarah Messenger (’18), Rosangelica Rodriguez (’15), and Jenna Wilborne (’15). Click here for more images of past and present Trinity Weed Lab members in action.


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