Peer-reviewed Publications
Douglass CH, Nissen SJ, Meiman P, Kniss AR. 2016. Impacts of imazapyr and triclopyr soil residues on the growth of several restoration species. Rangeland Ecology and Management 69: 199-205.

Douglass CH, Nissen SJ, Kniss AR. 2016. Efficacy and environmental fate of imazapyr from directed helicopter applications targeting Tamarix species infestations in Colorado. Pest Management Science 72: 379-387.Cam in the field

Douglass CH, Weston LA, Wolfe DW. 2011. Phytotoxicity and Potential Allelopathy in Pale (Cynanchum rossicum) and Black swallowwort (C. nigrum). Invasive Plant Science and Management 4(1): 133-141

Book Chapters
Douglass CH, Nissen SJ, Hart CR. 2013. Chapter 20. Tamarisk Management: Lessons and Techniques. In Sher, A A and Quigley, M F, Eds. Tamarix: A Case Study of Ecological Change in the American West. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Pp. 333-353.

Douglass CH, Weston LA, DiTommaso A. 2009. Chapter 13. Black and Pale Swallow-wort (Vincetoxicum nigrum and V. rossicum): The Biology and Ecology of Two Perennial, Exotic and Invasive Vines. In Inderjit, Ed. Management of Invasive Weeds. Invading Nature – Springer Series in Invasion Ecology Vol. 5. New York, NY: Springer. Pp. 261-277.

Other Publications
Douglass CH. 2013. Ecosystem Impacts of Tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) Management in the Arkansas River Watershed, Colorado: Effects of Disturbance and Herbicide Residues on Passive Plant Community RestorationTama Flowers. PhD Dissertation, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. 157 p.

Douglass CH, Nissen SJ. 2011. Tamarisk Management in the Arkansas River Watershed. Colorado Water Newsletter 28(3): 10-12.

Douglass CH. 2008. The Roles of Allelopathy, Morphology and Genetic Diversity in the Invasion of Swallow-wort Species in New York State. MSc Thesis, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 134 p.



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